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Quick Facts:

Some of you know me, some of you don't, so here is a snapshot of information about me!

  • I’m from England, but my heart is now Peruvian!

  • I grew up in a Christian family and God’s hand has been on my life since before I was born, yet I waited until 21 to surrender my life to Him. 

  • I was a primary school teacher in East London before being led by God to Peru.

  • I’ve been involved with Latin Link since 2006, when I did a 2 year Stride placement.

  • I returned to Peru for long-term ministry in 2011. I have no end date in mind!

  • I love God. I like being with people. I make mistakes but I like to keep learning. Creativity is my super power! I enjoy taking lots of photos, I adore rainbows & I am a little bit crazy!

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Read my Commissioning Commitment here:

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Supporting Churches:

I am so grateful to God for the blessing of being a part of so many church families; thank you to you all! 

The following are my main supporting churches:

  • E1 Community Church, Shadwell, London

  • Toxteth Tabernacle Baptist Church, Liverpool

  • Great Ashby Community Church, Stevenage

  • The Ladygrove Church, Didcot

  • Long Lane Church, Liverpool

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I am serving in Peru with Latin Link. Latin Link is an international community with a calling to love and serve God and our neighbour. They help people fulfil their mission calling in Latin America and Europe, providing support on a number of levels. The UK office is based in Reading. 


There is a great team of 'Latin Linkers' in Lima and across Peru. I really appreciate being a part of such a great group! We meet together once a year for our annual conference. I have also been able to visit a few during my travels around Peru for Buena Tierra training.



Click on the icons to connect with Latin Link.

  • Facebook - Black Circle
  • Twitter - Black Circle
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Telephone: Ask me if you'd like it • Email:

Peru Address: Jirón Pachitea 264, Cercado de Lima, Lima, 15001, Perú

Skype: icklun77

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I trust God to provide all I need to be able to serve Him in Peru.

He knows I have to raise my finances; currently this is set at £15,000 per year. 


If you feel God has put it on your heart to support me, please contact Latin Link directly at:


Any gifts will help, no matter how small. 

Thank you!

Latin Link is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England 2811525. Registered office: 87 London Street, Reading RG1 4QA. Registered charity 1020826.

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