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I love to capture a moment, a memory, a scene, a colour, an emotion.

God has given me so much joy through his creation and the colours, shapes and sounds that fill it.

I know that pictures speak a language my words can't, and so I hope you get a taste of Peru and of my life and ministry from these images. If you'd like to see more I'm always uploading on to Facebook (click here) and Instagram (click here).

The Flag
Historic centre of Lima
The Andes in their glory
Machu Picchu
Jungle views
A rainbow blessing over the Pacific
The long road
Dios es amor
Riot of Colour
Nap time
Team BT! Moisés and Mari
Training in Húanuco
BT Training Team
The desert rocks
Praise our Creator God!
Summer days in Lima
Sacsayhuaman in Cusco

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The Andes in their glory

The Andes dominate Peru from north to south. They are majestic.