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I really value being a part of God's family, and I know that I can only do what I do because of you lovely people who are supporting me. Communicating what is going on and how you can pray is important. So here you can find my latest newsletters and prayer points. Please get in touch if there is anything you'd like to respond to or share with me.

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 latest news

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LifeinLima newsletter (pdf): May 23 - Number 58


​For Buena Tierra:

  • Ask that God would guide me in the use of BT finances and help me get books ready to print. 

  • Pray for the handover to the BT team. That they would clearly understand their roles and feel confident in doing them while I am not around. That they would be equipped by the Lord in this time. 

old news

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LifeinLima newsletter (pdf): March 23 - Number 57

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LifeinLima newsletter (pdf): Christmas 22 - Number 56

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LifeinLima newsletter (pdf): Sept 22 - Number 55

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LifeinLima newsletter (pdf) : July 22- Number 54


For Sharon:

  • Ask that God would help me in the complex process of planning 5 months of travel and visits around the UK. Praise God for the provision of a car!

  • Pray I would trust God with my life and ministry in Peru whilst I am in the UK. 

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I love to capture a moment, a memory, a scene, a colour, an emotion.

God has given me so much joy through his creation and the colours, shapes and sounds that fill it.

I know that pictures speak a language my words can't, and so I hope you get a taste of Peru and of my life and ministry from these images. If you'd like to see more I'm always uploading on to Instagram (click here).

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