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This is inspired by ordinary people from the Bible, that God called, and sent, for his purposes. I read this at my commissioning services before I left for Peru in January 2011. It helps me to re-read it and remind myself of how God has spoken to me. 


Before God, and before my family in Christ, I want to commit to walking this path that lies ahead.


I will do my best to keep God at the centre of all I am and all I do. I want to lay down my pride and self-sufficiency and depend upon God more each day.


I do this for the glory of God and his Kingdom; it is not about me.


It is only in the power of the Holy Spirit that I can go to Peru, not in my own strength.


I acknowledge that I have insecurities and weaknesses, and that I make excuses, but I am stepping out in obedience and hope that these things will not hold me back.


I thank God for the family of believers that he has placed me within.  I realise I am just one part of a huge body, and that I need all of you so that we can function well for God.


When God’s ways seem a bit bonkers and beyond my understanding, I will trust in Him to give me faith and courage to go forwards. I ask God to discipline me if I go my own way.


When, not if, hard times come, I will try to move through them on my knees; in prayer, praise and with perseverance.


I go willingly to love God and love others in whatever ways I can. I go to serve, to proclaim, to listen, to make disciples, to teach and to bring joy; in order that God’s kingdom may be seen on earth.


This is not a responsibility I take lightly. I offer up my life in service to God. I thank God for his love and mercy that allow me to do this.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,


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